• This was my view every night on the first leg of our ...

      This was my view every night on the first leg of our #bigsurtobadwater backpack. I lost my sleeping bag on the first day (don’t ask :D ) and had to make do with a thin blanket and roaring fire each night, I kinda miss it. Aw geez, I really miss it, even though it was a bit chilly some of those nights. Goodnight moon.

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    • just got back from a week out in the the Big Sur backcountry and...

      just got back from a week out in the the Big Sur backcountry and I’m here to give you the good bees! Hah!!! “bees” was a spelling correction, supposed to be “news, I’m thumbing this out way too quickly, but I just have leave it because that is the good news- the earth is coming alive right now with spring gooey greenness and singing its song and, oh god, it’s just a little brain-damagingly, crushingly beautiful… lotsa pics to follow #bigsurtobadwater

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    • Hey! Is JR hiring in any way?

      Not right now, but in about a month :D

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    • Dreaming about hitting the long trail next week...

      Dreaming about hitting the long trail next week #bigsurtobadwater . This is America’s great wilderness trail- coastal mountains, sage covered peaks, the great Central Valley, the heart of John Muir’s beloved Sierra Nevada, Mt Whitney, Death Valley … but no one has ever written about it or done it as a continuous route. This week I start my journey, gulp, about 400 miles. I’m doing it a week at a time over the next couple if years, it’s gonna take a while, lots of routing questions and refinements to make, and eventually I wanna write a book about it- it’ll be my love song to the plants and ecosystems of the West Coast. This is world class in terms of ecosystems and biodiversity, over 8,000 species of plants and innumerable habitats that cover everything from the high peaks if the northwest to the hottest deserts of Mexico… I lay awake at night w excitement sometimes thinking about this trail- can I write a book about it? I’ve never written a book before, yikes! The hiking is relatively easy- this isn’t extreme territory, no mountaineer worth anything would take interest in this kind of thing- it’s a meanderer’s trail, a plant lovers trail, a week-at-a-time trail for people like me who just want to be immersed in the endless depths of beauty and ecological fecundity that is our heritage here in the west coast… Shit, I’m nervous here people, and excited… Stay tuned :D (at #bigsurtobadwater)

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